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Suno Telecom Tecnology

SUNO Tecnologia is composed by a group o experienced Telecom market executives with large expeience in engineering, Telecom and IT. The company provides network and IT consulting, design of Data Centers, Operation Centers, Teleports and Network Management solutions.


TI and Telecom Consulting

Consulting for the design of telecom services and networks using the most advanced technologies.

Design of Cloud Computing solution and infrastructure.

Support for audits and certifications.

Support in the design and operation of satellite networks


Network Management

Design and Implementation of Network Management Systems.

Network Performance Analysis.

Design of Intranet Solutions dedicated to network and resource management.



Design and implemention of Network Operations Center.

Network Design and consulting for Cloud Computing RFPs.

Partnership with Equipment, Systems and Service providers.

Integration of Data Center and Teleport Services.


SUNO Tecnologia em Telecom is formed by a group of professionals with large experience in telecomunication and IT, that have worked for companies like Comsat, BT, VICOM and CPqD.

The company headquarter is located Campinas - SP and has initiated its acitivities in 2014.